Thesis II Week 1–2: Self-reflection and a fresh start


I started the project with a broad topic: Virtual Event. I had very ambiguous idea: There must be some ways to improve them. Though the process was slower than I thought, I found myself scoping down the area that I’d like to focus on. Little by Little, I have been still shaping the project.

Video conferencing area is still evolving. One of tough critics I got during the final presentation was that there are similar products on the market. My major question was like, ‘How could I differentiate my product from competitors in a highly changing field?’

I digged in more virtual event platforms and discovered that there are more room for improvement. My service flow could be similar to them but my perspectives and ideas would be different from them.

More feedback & Further thoughts

I got a chance to get feedback from Tim. He is an insightful designer slash a thoughtful manager slash a mentor. He inspired me with some interesting points that I hadn’t thought.

  1. AI moderator vs Human moderator

How do you differentiate the tone of AI moderator depending on the types of conversations? (e.g. Human moderator would take different approaches/tones/social standings among different sessions such as casual Ice-breaking session, formal QnA session with speakers, etc.)

2. Reinforcing the idea of inclusivity, humanity

Would AI moderator be less biased? On what criteria do you think it is? How does a moderator guide people to be inclusive and unbiased?

3. Reinvent the default of conversation/meetup

Examining the advantage of virtual events more. How do you connect people who have different backgrounds and cultures? How does virtual circumstances improve?

Journey Map (WIP)

Wireframing & The area that I’d like to focus on (WIP)

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