Thesis II Week 3: Working on clarifying a user journey

I had a kick off meeting with my thesis advisor, Yaya. She gave me constructive feedback and brought up a couple of questions that inspired me.

  • An event would be one time experience. People don’t want to be sign in or sign up for a platform or an app.
  • Onboarding survey could be bothersome for users. Keep it as succinct as possible. Think of what types of data this platform has to get from users
  • What motivates people to join breakout rooms where there are a bunch of strangers?
  • What would be minimum etiquette for breakout rooms? What if some people don’t want to turn on a camera?
  • The background would also make people feel biased and excluded.
  • Show users the benefit of participating in onboarding, coordinating breakout rooms
  • Think of helping people learn and retain. How do users create ideas and take notes through an event?
  • The scale of the event

I has recently been unmotivated about the thesis. To bring up my passion again, I clarified my timeline like below.

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