What if..

What if breakout room sessions adapt the rule of Chess game?

People might be assigned limited time to speak in turns. They have to put efforts to understand what other people think and feel. The more they engaged in the talk, the more they get meaningful takeaways. Like we did during Chess game!

I briefly create a lo-fi wireframing to think of the user flow. I categorized the flow into 3 sections: Pre-event, during the event, and post-event. The main interaction would occur during the event so I need to focus on clarifying the conversation topics and communication flows.

I have talked with eight people who have different backgrounds. I incorporated their answers and grouped them under similar keywords, to discover key insights on virtual events and online interactions.

Key painpoints (converged by 8 interviewees)

  • Low authenticity
  • Lack of in-depth communication
  • Miscommunication

Key findings

  • Virtual interactions cannot fully replace…

Problem Statement (WIP)

How might we elevate virtual event experiences so that people feel more connected to each other?



  • People might feel disconnected during online events.
  • People might have technical difficulties.
  • People might feel excited by doing physical activities such as buying tickets in a ticket booth, going…

Topic: Virtual events focusing on design festivals/summits

User Volume

  1. 1on1 meeting
  2. Team-based meeting (2~10 people)
  3. Collaboration meeting (11~25 people)
  4. Small speaker sessions (26~100 people)
  5. Company-wide conferences (101~5,000 people)
  6. Global summit/festival (5,000+)

Structures (Need to be visualized with an estimated time and order)

  1. 1on1 meeting: Waiting/Small talk, QnA(Coffee chat/Walkthrough), Offer a…

Hyelim Lim

MFA Student studying interaction design @ SVA

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